Finders Geekers Master Post

Whoa! Will you look at that! Our little Finders Geekers podcast has already produced 10 (and counting!) episodes! What started out as an experimental project we did out of boredom, our geeky podcast has become our regular Saturday night gig.

Finders Geekers

So if you’re interested in everything geeky – particularly anime and video games, feel free to subscribe!

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P.S. This podcast is in Filipino language, with occasional English, Japanese, geek speak and swearing in between.

Here are our episodes so far:

 Finders Geekers Pilot Episode
Our first ever episode, recorded on one hot Saturday afternoon. Talk about awkward voices.

2 – The V-Day Special!

Our Valentine Day special wherein we talked about our favorite romantic moments and couples. Oh, and we have brought in a special guest for the show!

SEMI-RELATED: You can read more about my favorite anime couples here:

3 – So Hot Episode

It’s summer time and we’ve got a new guest for the show!

4 – That Drunken Episode

What will you get if you thrown in the three hosts and eight bottles of beer in a discussion of mature anime? A drunken episode, of course!

5 – The Convention-al Life

What was the first anime convention event you attended?

6 – EKstreme Episode

The FG team, together with two guest hosts, goes to Enchanted Kingdom!

7 – Remakes & Sequels

We sat down and discussed anime remakes and sequels, and seriously, is it necessary?

8 – Summer Epilogue

Summer’s over!

9 – The Hipster Complex

We liked this anime/manga/game before it was cool.

10 – What it Means to be Geeky

A roundtable geeky Q&A for our 10th episode!

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[Events] 35th Manila International Book Fair 2014

The Philippine’s biggest book fair is here!

Manila International Book Fair

The annual Manila International Book Fair is back for its 35th year! If you’re a certified book lover, then this event is for you! Fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, academic textbooks, and other educational materials will be showcased and sold in discounted prices by a wide variety of book distributors and local publishing houses.

I am totally excited on getting more books this year, never mind that I haven’t even started on the books I got last year. You can read more on our last year’s MIBF experience here: Obligatory Monday Post. I am hoping to get some Rainbow Rowell (Eleanor and Park) and David Levithan books, as well as a set of A Song of Ice and Fire books.

Entrance fee is 20 pesos for adults and 15 pesos for students / senior citizens. You can get free tickets from any Fully Booked branches or print out these free tickets from Adarna House.

Schedule of Activities (as of September 8, 2014)

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10 books trend

You’re probably familiar with the tagging trend that recently circulated around Facebook. Once you get tagged (usually via a status), you must list 10 books “that have stayed with you in some way, affected you in some way” and tagged 10 friends to create a book list of their own.

And since I am friends with a lot of book nerds, here is my list:

  1. Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
    Because Harry Potter. Seriously, I don’t even have the words to describe how addicted I was to this series and how much it influenced my life
  2.  Adventure Lands – selected and edited by Eleanor Johnson & Leland Jacobs
    My mom bought this book from a garage sale, intended for my brother but I ended up owning it for myself. This introduced me to American short stories.
  3. The Hound of the Baskervilles by A. Conan Doyle
    The first Sherlock Holmes novel that I read. It took me quite awhile to understand what a “moor” is.
  4. David Copperfield by Charles Dickens
    Read the abridged version of this one and could never bring myself to read the original one. It’s a sad, sad story and I still ship David with Dora.
  5. Beyond Disappearance: Chronicles of Courage – published by FIND
    This is a compilation of stories of the ‘Desaparecidos’ (a Spanish term meaning, “The Disappeared,” now used to refer to people who were forcibly abducted or imprisoned for political reasons, often implying murder. I remember having trouble sleeping for quite some time after reading this one.
  6. Nine Letters: The Story of the 1986 Filipino Revolution by Cynthia Baron & Melba Suazo
    This is the book that got me thinking that I might have been a revolutionary in my past life.
  7. Animal Farm by George Orwell
    I seriously thought that this is children’s fable book. I was so absorbed that I memorized their Seven Commandments.
  8. Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
    I won’t deny it. This book triggered my interest in Catholic conspiracies.
  9. Ang Paboritong Libro ni Hudas by Bob Ong
    Very witty book. Paved the way for me appreciate contemporary Filipino novels.
  10. Every Day by David Levithan
    The most recent book I read from this list and the last one that made me cry.

Got your own list of 10 books? Consider yourself tagged and don’t forget to link your list on the comments section below.

[Events] Blogapalooza 2014 UPDATED!


Due to Typhoon Mario, the Blogapalooza event has been moved to October 11, 2014, same venue. Unfortunately, I already have plans on that date so I wouldn’t be able to attend.

Blogapalooza 2014

Calling all bloggers! Join the biggest B2B (Business-to-Blogger) networking event at Blogapalooza 2014!

Blogapalooza is a community that provides a venue for businesses to showcase their products / services to influential bloggers and build their online presence. Participating brands include Easy Taxi, Acer Smartphones, Canon, Maxicare, Sky Cable and a lot more, while blogger Seph Cham with Karen Bordador and Charisse Abalos of Sister Secrets join the panel of speakers. You may view the full list of speakers and perfomers here.

Interested participants – whether a business owner or a blogger – can sign up here.

Blogapalooza 2014 is brought to you by and

Bon Voyage, Juanderkid

Bon Voyage, Juanderkid

I never got around to writing down a eulogy for you. Maybe I’ll never be able to. A part of me still hangs on to the belief that you are still out there, perhaps traveling to some far-off place. And I would rather it stays that way.

So instead, let me send you off with a letter of gratitude. I can never say this enough but thank you for being such an inspiration. I may have been your student in just four classes, with two of them had us ending up in bad terms, but believe me, you left a significant impression on me. Every time I look back to your classes, it was always a mixture of hate – for all the times you threw my photos across the classroom – and great admiration for your relentless passion on everything you do.

Even out of the academe, you taught me a lot more than writing stories and taking photos. By watching you live your life, you taught me to see life as a big adventure that you just have to take with no regrets. See places, meet people, serve the nation, but most importantly, love if you must. Live as if there is no tomorrow.

And yes, Sir Amor, that is how I plan to move forward from here.

Amer Amor (Juanderkid)
October 23, 1982 – May 15, 2014