Bon Voyage, Juanderkid

Bon Voyage, Juanderkid

I never got around to writing down a eulogy for you. Maybe I’ll never be able to. A part of me still hangs on to the belief that you are still out there, perhaps traveling to some far-off place. And I would rather it stays that way.

So instead, let me send you off with a letter of gratitude. I can never say this enough but thank you for being such an inspiration. I may have been your student in just four classes, with two of them had us ending up in bad terms, but believe me, you left a significant impression on me. Every time I look back to your classes, it was always a mixture of hate – for all the times you threw my photos across the classroom – and great admiration for your relentless passion on everything you do.

Even out of the academe, you taught me a lot more than writing stories and taking photos. By watching you live your life, you taught me to see life as a big adventure that you just have to take with no regrets. See places, meet people, serve the nation, but most importantly, love if you must. Live as if there is no tomorrow.

And yes, Sir Amor, that is how I plan to move forward from here.

Amer Amor (Juanderkid)
October 23, 1982 – May 15, 2014


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