Finders Geekers Master Post

Whoa! Will you look at that! Our little Finders Geekers podcast has already produced 10 (and counting!) episodes! What started out as an experimental project we did out of boredom, our geeky podcast has become our regular Saturday night gig.

Finders Geekers

So if you’re interested in everything geeky – particularly anime and video games, feel free to subscribe!

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P.S. This podcast is in Filipino language, with occasional English, Japanese, geek speak and swearing in between.

Here are our episodes so far:

 Finders Geekers Pilot Episode
Our first ever episode, recorded on one hot Saturday afternoon. Talk about awkward voices.

2 – The V-Day Special!

Our Valentine Day special wherein we talked about our favorite romantic moments and couples. Oh, and we have brought in a special guest for the show!

SEMI-RELATED: You can read more about my favorite anime couples here:

3 – So Hot Episode

It’s summer time and we’ve got a new guest for the show!

4 – That Drunken Episode

What will you get if you thrown in the three hosts and eight bottles of beer in a discussion of mature anime? A drunken episode, of course!

5 – The Convention-al Life

What was the first anime convention event you attended?

6 – EKstreme Episode

The FG team, together with two guest hosts, goes to Enchanted Kingdom!

7 – Remakes & Sequels

We sat down and discussed anime remakes and sequels, and seriously, is it necessary?

8 – Summer Epilogue

Summer’s over!

9 – The Hipster Complex

We liked this anime/manga/game before it was cool.

10 – What it Means to be Geeky

A roundtable geeky Q&A for our 10th episode!

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