Obligatory Monday post

Right after I carefully laid out my blogging plans, I got a bad cold that prevented me from functioning properly over the weekend. Save for Sunday, which was packed with activities that I won’t even be surprised if I ended up sick again.

So quick recap. I basically spent my Friday and Saturday alternating between sleeping, eating, and playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I am proud to say that I have made quite a progress with ACNL with new characters appearing so suddenly. That Club LOL guy finally decided to show up in my town so hopefully, his club will be open within this week. Saharah also dropped by, though only to rob me of 3k bells for shanty walls and shanty mat. I R DISAPPOINT. And Phineas! Yay for badges!



I also had a slightly noob moment of not realizing that I can lay down paths as early as I assumed mayorship. Still, I can’t help it. The design selection is really limited with designs I really don’t fancy laying down on the ground for everyone to see.

As for Ocarina of Time from the Legend of Zelda Series, I’m still stuck at the Shadow Temple with no more magic potion to sustain my Lens of Truth.

Moving on, there were at least three big events at the SM Mall of Asia area last weekend – Best of Anime, 34th Manila International Book Fair , and the UAAP Cheerdance Competition. My initial plan was to drop by BoA and MIBF on Saturday and then cheer with fellow Iskolars for the CDC on Sunday. Due to a series of misfortunes, however, – from CDC tickets going sold out, to conflicting schedules, and the sudden fits of coughs and colds on my end, we all agreed to skip BoA and CDC and just enjoy ourselves at the book fair. And we sure did.


We spent more than three hours going around in Fully Booked and arguing with each other on which book should be purchased by whom and which would be left behind. In the end, Jodie got her Archie comics and Sophie Kinsella books, Paeng got his Doctor Who books,  talked Vince in getting the translated Harry Potter book, and me with the new Harry Potter, David Levithan books, and Calvin and Hobbes compilation.


We really had a hard time letting go of Cyanide and Happiness and Ice Cream and Sadness comics, especially with its promise of fun activities and 30 never-before-seen strips so we ended up just reading them all while standing in a corner.

SM MOA was overly crowded that weekend with all the ongoing events, not to mention their annual mallwide sale, that it took us some time before we got to get seats for lunch. Yay to Jodie for the lunch treat, and to the Kenny Rogers staff for mixing orders and giving us more than what we ordered for. We went back to MIBF to check out the other booths, played some Mario Kart 7, and chatted with some UP students on the outcome of the CDC (Congrats NU! UP, reclaim that throne next year!) before calling it a day. Tiring day indeed, especially having to carry around those thick books, but definitely happy.

We’ll definitely be back for next year. Hopefully, it wouldn’t coincide with CDC again.


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