“FROM ILI TO CITY” UP Baguio’s BC 130 Documentaries

Aside from the ever-deadly college dissertation, another major requirement for UP Baguio’s Comm students (for those taking up Broadcast Communication as minor) that demands bucketfuls of sweat, blood, and tears is their BC 130 course (Program Planning and Building). In this course, students are required to produce a short film – from creating the scripts and storyboards, soliciting funds, holding auditions, scouting locations to actual shooting, editing, and post-production. It is definitely not a child’s play, especially when you have to juggle the film production in between classes and le gasp, even thesis writing.

Instead of the usual short films, it seems like this year’s batch of BC 130 students were required to come up with documentaries. UP Baguio’s  BC 130 students present “FROM ILI TO CITY” (Six Short Documentaries). Screening will begin on February 15 and 16, 2014, 6 PM at the FDCP – Cinematheque Baguio (Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road, Baguio City).

You can check out the trailers here:

The Woven Life

Raised in both Christian and Animist culture, Wryneth Mayapit, a daughter of a priest and a grand daughter of an “Ama-ti-ili”(father of the community) in Sagada, tries to carefully live both worlds. Despite this difficult circumstance of being a product of the two realms, she manages to balance the irony of where she belongs. In the long run, will she still be able to sustain both cultures? Or will she lose grip on either of the two cultures to pursue the one she truly desires?



With every strum on his acoustic guitar, he tells a story. Behind every song is a tribute to the past. A folk and alternative singer by night and a teacher by day, Sir Andy lives two lives. With the constantly changing landscape of the music scene in the Cordillera and the prevalence of social issues in the country, various challenges arise. Sir Andy proves that amidst the new flavors of music enjoyed by youth today, nothing can take away his love for producing relevant and meaningful music. As Sir Andy said, “Magpapatuloy akong tumugtog hangga’t may boses pa ako, na kaya pang kumanta at may lakas pa akong magperform sa stage, at may sapat pang kaisipan na makalikha ng mga sariling awitin.”

Pony Boy

Meet Shane, the youngest pony boy of Wright Park. As he tells you his story of how he swings school and play with work, you will see how a young boy can maximize his potential without sacrificing the things he needs to learn. At a young age, he knows that life is hard. But wide eyed, he will make you realize that there will always be a brighter side.

A good friend of mine is part of the production of Pony Boy so please, please support them. ;)


Behind every shimmer of gold is a story of struggles and dreams. Mang Jun, a resident from Itogon, Benguet, looks for scraps of gold from the residues of the mining sites that flow to their place as a source of living. Despite the long process of pagla-labon and how elusive the gold may be, Mang Jun chooses to linger in a stony river than to take other jobs as he finds every gram of gold as a better source of future to his family. Labon shares the hardships that Mang Jun and other manglalabon go through and how natives of the region, like him, are unfairly given share of their homeland’s resources.

A KerOt’s Life

We all savor mouth-watering recipes from carrots like carrot cake and carrot juices. But do you have any idea where it comes from? This documentary follows the carrot from its planting stage, travel period and washing process before it becomes available for consumption. We will see the story of Sandy, Wilfredo and Ernesto whose ordinary lives are intertwined with the life of a carrot.

So Manila-based readers, if you guys are headed to Baguio for the Valentine’s weekend, drop by Casa Vallejo and catch these documentaries.


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