#ThrowbackThursday: Marcomm’s Halloween through the years

Dressing up during Halloween was never part of my childhood. Heck, Halloween was not even in my vocabulary until I realized that it is less confusing than saying “Happy All Saints’  / All Souls’ Day!” All I cared about during this season are the long break from school, the obligation of travelling for hours to visit cemeteries, scaring the hell out of other people, and the thrill of watching Magandang Gabi, Bayan’s Halloween special.

It was only when I got into my current job in an American-based global company did I get to experience the fun part of Halloween – thrashing up the office and pulling random clothes to dress up.

2010. Experienced my first Halloween event at GSC. It was during the height of the Plants VS Zombies craze and naturally, the office joined the bandwagon. Our team decorated our cubicles with black garbage bags, PVZ-inspired cutouts, and even tombstones with our names on it. Since I can’t find a suitable PVZ character for me, I ended up going as a zombie-fied Harry Potter.

And oh, did I mention that there was an office competition for the best theme execution? Yeah, we bagged that award.


2011Pixar was 2011’s Halloween theme. Each teams were assigned their own Pixar cartoons to execute and we got the 2004 animated film The Incredibles. With our combined creative prowess, we transformed our plain cubicle into a futuristic battlefield.

We ranked second in the theme execution, next to the Analytics team with their “Toy Story 3” theme. It was a gracious defeat as the Analytics area really stood out with their bright, happy colors.


2012. Possibly my most favorite Halloween event in GSC as we were hungry to get our winning title back. The year’s theme was Disneyland attractions and we picked up Tomorrowland. It was a bit hard to work on this since it was among the lesser known attractions and it didn’t quite fit in with the dreamy theme of Disney. Nevertheless, we worked on the sci-fi feel of Tomorrowland by decorating our cubicles with stars and planets, utilized our 3-year-old black light to create a pseudo-planetarium and reclaimed the Best Theme Execution award once again.


Since the overall theme of the office was Disney, everyone opted to dress up as Disney characters. It was fun seeing characters mingling with characters from other franchise. It was like a walking into an AU-based crossover fanfiction.


I grew up with Little Mermaid and you could just imagine the feels when someone came in dressed as Prince Eric. Can’t pass up this opportunity of reliving my childhood.

So what’s your Halloween history? Share it in the comments!


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