#ThrowbackThursday: Palawan Escapade Part 1

I have been working on my editorial calendar in between work for the past weeks and I realized that I could use Thursdays slot to post my gazillion backlogs for the year. Hence, the #ThrowbackThursday, where I will be posting some of my biggest (mis)adventures back when I was in no mood to blog it.

And what better way to start my little segment than with my biggest trip of the year – Puerto Princesa, Palawan! I have been in Puerto Princesa back in 2007 as my mom’s debut gift to me but the promise of finally visiting the famed Underground River made me as excited as before. You could just imagine my horror when I fell terribly ill with what we suspect as dengue and got confined in the hospital mid-February. I was discharged Thursday night, took some rest from Friday till the weekend, went to work on Monday to answer some emails, and we’re off to Palawan by Tuesday morning. Even without my doctor’s clearance.

We arrived in Puerto Princesa half-past 11AM, waited a bit for our service van, and headed straight to Tropical Sun Inn where we would be staying for the next three days. I liked the layout of the Tropical Sun Inn, especially the indoor garden where anyone could just sit back, relax, and enjoy the sun. Also, yay for free wifi! I guess we enjoyed it too much that we spent the entire afternoon catching up with sleep.




By evening, we freshened up a bit for dinner and hailed a tricycle for Kinabuch’s Grill and Bar, one of Puerto Princesa’s famous restaurants. The ambiance is pretty much laid-back, with outdoor tables to enjoy the night air and watch some football game in their projected screen at the parking area. One reason for Kinabuch’s fame is their menu that includes dishes made of crocodile meat and Tamilok (woodworm). As a sisig lover, I really enjoyed their Crocodile Sisig (PHP 345). It tasted like a typical yummy sisig but with less fat and more meat.  I also got to try fresh Tamilok (PHP115) but with less enthusiasm. I  don’t really dig the idea of eating slimy, raw food dipped in vinegar but perhaps those who enjoy Kilawin might find this appetizing. I should have ordered the breaded version instead.


After dinner, one of my mom’s friends suggested that we should drop by that little seaside spot they call “Baywalk.” Quite similar to the idea of Manila’s Baywalk, the Puerto Princesa Baywalk is a long strip of seaside park where you could watch the sunset, go for walks, and eat freshly grilled fish and corn.  It was already a bit late so we didn’t get to do anything, aside from walking from one end to another and enjoying the brightly-colored displays along the path.

Watch out for part 2 next week. :)


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