Cosplay Mania 2013


It’s Cosplay Mania 2013 this coming weekend and we will  be joining the fun!

Just a bit of a backgrounder, Cosplay Mania is an annual cosplay-centered convention usually held around September – October. Started back in 2008 by, it is currently one of the biggest otaku convention here in the Philippines that actually focuses on cosplaying, with internationally-famous cosplayers coming over as guests and/or judges.

I discovered cosplay back in 2005 when a new found friend taught me everything I need to know about cosplaying – the perks, the friends, the community. While I did enjoy the local cosplay scene, its starting to lose its appeal on me over the past few years. I guess it comes with aging and eventually outgrowing a thing or two. (gasp!)

Still, I frequent conventions like this for two main reasons – 1. hang out and be goofy with otaku friends and 2. blow up my entire salary on merchandises like pillows (not the dakimakura type tho) and art books. Merchandises from last year’s Cosmania was a bit of a downer so I’m looking forward to see what the exhibitors have in stock this year.

And so, Cosmania 2013. It will be held at SMX Convention Center on October 5-6. Ticket prices range from PHP150 – PHP250, depending on the level of access for certain events. And they keep on increasing every year. If I remember correctly, the ticket prices were PHP100 – PHP150 back when they first started the different hall, different price thing. Back then, we actually liked the idea because it keeps the cosplayers from blocking your way while doing your merchandise shopping. Fast-forward, the 50-peso increase every year is losing its appeal on me as well so we might just get the Hall Entry Pass ticket this year.

Anyway, you can check out this visual guide for Cosmania ticket types to determine what ticket would be more suitable for you:

cm13-tickets-pricing-copy-960x1234Anyone else going to Cosmania this weekend? Don’t forget to say hi!


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