The Cat Returns


Almost half a year away from WordPress and I am here once again. Sorry for the misleading title and image. I am a big fan of this movie as well so I thought it might be a fitting theme of my return to WordPress.

Returning to WP? Yes, because apparently my move to Tumblr was not welcomed as warm as I had expected it to be. Partly my fault for not keeping up with quality blog content, not to mention the dreadful number of followers I have at Tumblr – not even half of my followers here in WordPress. Maybe I was probably was not made to blog, after all. It has been an eight-year struggle to constantly blog, beginning from ModBlog to Blogspot, from Multiply to LiveJournal, and now from Tumblr to WordPress.  But then again, I refuse to yield.

And so I return here, hoping to post a blog on a regular basis, similar to what I have been successfully doing with our Facebook Page. If you are an anime fan, you better check it out. We post a variety of updates on a daily basis such as anime and manga titles on Mondays, seiyuu (voice actor) profiles on Tuesdays, a kanji special on Wednesdays, fanart special on Thursdays, Japanese musicians and their songs on Fridays, video games and consoles every Saturdays, and cosplays on Sundays. The one thing I learned from this project is the value of setting up an editorial calendar, especially if you are like me who tends to procrastinate a lot. With an editorial calendar, you can schedule your posts accordingly – from brainstorming to research and writing, and the actual publication of your blog post – and regulate the release of updates. For example, you can schedule that a blog post should go live at least once a week and stick to it. Once you get the hang of it, you can insert a light post or two in between, especially those breaking news-type of updates.

The next step is determining the type of content that I would want to blog about regularly. If you know me IRL, you can understand why this is no easy task. I am a woman of many interests but not exactly a master of anything. My interests range from otaku news, young adult books, travelling, traditional and digital art, science, Harry Potter, cats, food trips, biking, digital marketing, journalism, social issues, and most recently, video gaming. But you won’t see me running an anime blog because quite frankly, I don’t watch all anime series. Or a travel blog because my bank account will not allow me to go on trips regularly. The same concept goes for all the other topics I have listed above as interest.

Seems like this blog will be the taking the tossed salad path where I will be posting just about anything under the sun. The only thing I am certain so far is the #AnimangaMonday post from the AHQ Facebook will have to stay, or reposted, whatever is the better term. Hopefully, I will be working on my editorial calendar this weekend and begin plotting post ideas. Got a suggestion to what I can blog about? Share it in the comments!

For the meantime, you could still visit my Tumblr blog. Or perhaps Uno’s mini travel blog, which needs a major revamp as well.


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