Blogging slump

There is no excuse for me. It’s not like I have limited access to Internet nor any activities to blog about because everyone knows I get paid to surf the net and I made sure to keep myself busy enough with new activities these past few days.

I am starting to think that this blog is a quite fitting example of what they say about making a living out of your hobby and how it takes out all the fun you use to enjoy. I had this desire to make this blog somehow professional looking –  so that if someone were to google me, this blog would show up and probably impress potential employers – that I ended up carefully choosing what to post and eventually forgetting all about it. Quite unlike the things I put on my Tumblr blog – both reblogged and original content.

I am still unsure on what to do. I haven’t reflected much on it and I knew I just had to post something on my blog to keep it updated. For now, I’ll just do a quick update on the stuff I did since my last post.

May 2012

Aim and Shoot! Gandiva Archery experience

Before I indulged myself in sumptuous servings of self-made burger from BRGR: The Burger Project, my cousin and I had this weird itching to go and shoot arrows. If I recall right, it was during the height of The Avengers movie and we spent a good half of the movie trying to point out what was wrong with Hawkeye’s archery skills. We both took up Archery for our PE classes (My cousin’s from UPLB and I, from UPB) so we’re pretty confident about ourselves so when someone mentioned about the archery range somewhere in Ortigas, we didn’t hesitate any moment to try it out.

And so there was Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range. Located at 7/F One Corporate Center in Ortigas (it’s just along Julia Vargas Ave., before reaching SM Megamall), Gandiva seems like a good place to practice your shooting skills then chill out with friends afterwards. I heard that they serve good vegetarian meals but we were too excited to start shooting that  we didn’t have the time to try out their menu.

It’s good to know I can still aim despite forgetting some of the basics such as how to wear the finger tab, adjusting and using the bow sight, and the proper alignment of the string on your face. Their staff was good enough to provide us with refreshers so I managed got an almost bull’s eye and maintained my groupings.

By the way, you don’t have to have any archery background to check this place out and try out archery – they welcome first-timers! Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range is open Mondays thru Fridays  at 9AM-8PM and Saturdays and Sundays, 10AM-7PM. The fee is 600 pesos for a one-hour archery session (which includes archery lessons and equipment rentals) and an additional 25 pesos for the target paper. I am not sure if they offer discount for those non-beginners or for those who have their equipment.

Summer Komikon 2012

I have been an avid Summer Komikon attendee since it started in 2009 and this year is no exception. I guess the highlight of this event is buying comic books on a lower price and get it signed by the artist itself. Oh, and some publishing companies schedule book releases just days ahead of Komikon events so it is a good venue to do your comics shopping.

As for me, I planned on buying the sequel of Zsazsa Zaturnnah by Carlo Vergara, Lyndon Gregorio’s ABaKaDa, Kubori Kikiam’s Kubori Strips for The Soul by Michael David, and Manix Abrera’s Kikomachine Komix Blg. 8.

Komikon didn’t fail me. I got all the books I wanted and found some other more such as this Shonen Jump issue with Ao no Exorcist on the cover and two volumes of Get Backers manga.

There will be another Komikon event this coming October 27 at Bayanihan Center, Pasig City. You can RSVP on their Facebook page here:

June 2012

Eating out in the City of Pines

Highlight for June 2012 would be my impromptu trip to Baguio City. The stress of completing requirements for ISO 9001:2008 certification was taking its toll on me so a Baguio trip on a whim seemed to be a very tempting idea. I took the weekend off to catch the late-night bus right into the city. Never mind that we’re broke. Never mind that I’m skipping ToyCon. Never mind that there’s a storm coming up. I just really need a stress-buster and Baguio is the right place for it.

Oh! My Gulay!

Ever since I first stepped into Oh! My Gulay!  two years ago, I have been excited to go back and enjoy it all over again. Oh! My Gulay! is a vegetarian restaurant owned by National Artist Kidlat Tahamik that serves as a hub for local Baguio artists. Stepping inside feels like stepping into Neverland, like opening that wardrobe door to Narnia, something that you would never expect to see in the bustling Session Road.

I enjoyed their salads the last time I visited so I’m a bit excited to try out their other offerings. Since I haven’t had anything to eat since we arrived in Baguio, I figured I would ordered something heavy and ended up with OMG Rice Meal – Brown rice with Omelette and Tofu.  I was prepared to order another dish because I doubted that it would fill me up but it sure did!

You can check out more photos here:

Good Taste – Legarda

For everyone who has grown to love Good Taste but find the lack of available seats nor good parking spaces, no need to fret anymore. Good Taste got a new place at Legarda that offers more seats and more parking spaces.

This is that one place where I insist to have dinner every time I’m in Baguio. They offer good variety of food in good prices, perfect for group dinners in a tight budget. Oh, and did I mention that I am in love with their Garlic Buttered Chicken?

As much as I wanted to give you the exact directions to Good Taste, I still get lost sometimes. I suggest you go and get yourself a cab and tell the driver to take you to Good Taste Legarda. Despite some unfortunate moments, I still have complete faith in local cab drivers.


Watch out for the next part next week! :)


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