Maginhawa Foodtrip: BRGR – The Burger Project

I rarely go out during weekdays because of my odd working hours so when my friends heard that I will be at UP Diliman during regular working hours, we immediately made plans of meeting up in the afternoon. Since there wasn’t any good place to hang out at UP by sunset (except for Chokiss, of course), we agreed upon meeting up at Moonleaf Tea Shop instead to plot on what else to do.

After two hours of milkteas and cat-in-a-washing-machine stories, we felt the pangs of hunger and debated on where to grab our dinner. I can’t remember how but BRGR -The Burger Project bested over other food stores but I’m pretty sure that Gayuma ni Maria was its top contender.

And so we headed to BRGR. Too bad that we didn’t get a pic but I was riding Eugene’s mountain bike at that time. His bike was incredibly light that it turns at the slightest swerve. I think I narrowly escaped bumping into a car – twice.

I have been hearing tales about The Burger Project but I haven’t really tried it before. The main idea is to let diners customize their own burger – choose their preferred patties, buns, and toppings.

The highlight of the night was filling out the order form. It took us quite some time choosing the ingredients,  imagining how it would taste like, and computing how much it would totally cost. We even joked around that the order form was harder to fill out than any other exam we took in college. The hardest part was coming up with the most awesome-est name to represent your burger, especially after I spilled that a well-done burger with a witty name can be hailed as the BRGR of the month.

You know those moments when you are pressured to look so clever that you end up being so lame. That was what happened to me and my burger with the lamest name of all – “Wait For It” (which ironically came in earlier than everybody else’s).

Moving on, here is Paeng’s burger, the Scherbatsky Burger. Because it’s Canadian and hot, with Canadian bacon and Jalapeno peppers. And yes, too much How I Met Your Mother reference we got here.

Now, Jodie had trouble choosing the ingredients for her burger since she is currently on a strict diet after a high uric acid diagnosis. She had to consult her list of foods to avoid before checking the boxes, thus her burger earning the name “Uric-reduction Burger,” which she totally regretted after the person at the counter yelled it out loud enough to everyone to hear.

Eugene’s burger is undeniably the wittiest of all – Tokwa’t Baboy. Named after that famous pulutan of diced tofu and pork, his burger is made up of tofu patty and bacons with Marinara sauce.

Non-burger but delicious nonetheless – their fat and yummy mozzarella sticks.

Even before we could finish our own burgers, we have started devising on what to mix up next time and the possible names we can call them. I think we already have plans for Tokwa’t Baboy ver.2

I may be a noob to Maginhawa food tripping but I highly recommend this place. It might be a bit pricey but it’s crazy fun especially when you’re dining with crazy friends.

Find them:

BRGR: The Burger Project
122 Maginhawa St., Teachers Village, QC
Open Daily 11am – 12mn


Check out the behind-the-scenes shot here:


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