Tanay Roadtrip

Finally! I can now cross-out something from my bucketlist – go on a roadtrip to Tanay!

We had our company outing last Saturday at Momarco Resort in Tanay, Rizal and being always the pasaway, my boss and I decided to ditch the official bus (which is scheduled to leave the office by 5:30AM) and just go on a road trip by ourselves.

My boss (who was in charge of the wheel) have absolutely no idea of the Rizal roads while I, despite of growing up in Rizal, have only reached Teresa as the farthest.  So armed with just a Google Maps cache on my iPod, we met up at Robinson’s Cainta by 8:30 AM and started our adventure.

I was more concerned in spotting the landmarks and making sure that we were on the right track so I didn’t get to take pics. But there’s this downhill curve somewhere after Antipolo (and right before Teresa) that feels like we were on a road trip to Baguio. You can see a great view of the  lower areas of Rizal, including the a part of Laguna de Bay – similar to how you can see a body of water, which I think is the Lingayen Gulf, on your way to Baguio.

Our travel was pretty smooth except for some traffic buildup at Antipolo proper. By the time we reached Tanay, the Google Maps cache can no longer be trusted because of its lack of road details so we relied on the most efficient way on determining your location – asking the locals. They are pretty helpful so don’t hesitate in asking.

Travel time took about almost 2 hours. We reached the resort around past 10AM and the morning activities have already started.  It took us quite a while to find everyone because the place was enormous! From what we have heard, the entire area (including the undeveloped area) was a whopping 280 hectares.

Despite the long drive, I really would not mind going back. The road trip itself was a lot of fun and I really wish I was able to capture it in photos. I guess I have something new to put in my bucket list.



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