Because Blogging is a serious business


I found this post accumulating dusts on my drafts folder, alongside six others. It was supposed to be a coverage for last year’s blogging summit but the lack of motivation overpowered me.

And since the iBlog 8 is just around the corner, I have been forcing myself to absorb all the needed motivation to finish this post. Apparently, it would be futile to still blog about iBlog 7 so I will just use this post as an invitation for everyone to attend this year’s summit.

Just a snippet from their site, iBlog8 is a 2-day event. And its FREE! The first day (May 25) will be for bloggers, marketers, businesses, entrepreneurs, and maybe anyone who wants to understand the potential of blogs as a medium to promote their products and services.The second day (May 26) is for everyone interested about blogging.

Don’t forget to register! By registering, you get that nice ID with your name on it, free snacks (AM/PM) and lunch, and a welcome kit. I am really hoping that this year’s kit would be great – I kinda missed the free pens and notebook back in iBlog 5 (or was that 6?)

I’ll be there on the first day because I’m awesome like that. And I really need some good insights on digital marketing because I am now paid to do it. I know, I got the best job in the world. I’m skipping the second day because it’s for noobs Summer Komikon 2012!


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