PNKY Travel Cafe’s Maid to Travel

Baguio City’s PNKY Travel Café, with the participation of anime group Gomen, celebrated their 7th anniversary with a twist! Adapting the emerging trend of cosplay cafes from Japan, the PNKY was transformed into a maid café with staff members dressed in French maid and Lolita outfits.

Since my friend Vince was selected as one of the judges for the Art Contest, it was a perfect excuse to momentarily leave the Metro and travel all the way to Baguio for this event.

Highlights of the event include the major contests (Cosplay competition, Maid and Butler Contest, Cosplay Photo contest, and the Art contest), raffle prizes, and of course, the presence of cosplayer Jin Joson and the whole Tuxedo Team.

Kudos to my college orgmates Rain (Priestess) and Eri (Blacksmith) for joining the cosplay contest, Kahlil for winning the Best Otaku Butler title, and Rui for bagging the first prize for the art contest!

We had so much fun pigging out, posing with moustaches, hoarding the raffle prizes, and meeting each and everyone from the event. ♥

More of my pictures at my Multiply site.

Here is the official video coverage of the event, from Luis Magsino:

I’m totally too lazy to post a blow-by-blow account so if you want to read more about the Maid to Travel, you can check out the following blogs:


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