UAAP Cheerdance Campout

UAAP Cheerdance Campout


The Cheerdance Competition of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) is notorious of being the most sought-after event of a UAAP season, perhaps ranking just below the men’s basketball championship event. Hence, tickets are definitely hard to get and despite their relatively cheap price of 60 pesos for general admission, a scalper’s genad ticket can fetch as high has 500 pesos. I was lucky last year that a friend managed to snag extra tickets for me.

Apparently, I wasn’t as lucky this year. The Cheerdance Competition is just a few days away and I still does not have a ticket nor the idea on where to get one. It was announced that tickets will be released by Wednesday morning and I was already panicking since it was already Tuesday afternoon. Then that was when my college friend Nellie came in. She had this crazy idea of camping out at Araneta Coliseum by Tuesday night and then queue up for tickets first thing of Wednesday morning.

And I can’t believe I agreed.

Right after my shift, I met up with her at Araneta by 12MN and was surprised by the number of students and alumni planning to camp out like us. Unlike us though, they are totally prepared for the long night. Some had foldable chairs and small mats to sit on while some had brought pillows and sleeping bags. All I had was my bag as my pillow and a tumbler of drinking water while Nellie had her scarf that we used as our sleeping mat.

It was totally impossible to get any sleep. Not because we were too sensitive to sleep on the ground but because people were being to rabid on where to line up. It was chaos with one group claiming that their line was the real one while the other group claims otherwise. By sunrise, everyone was rabid about the line. Strangers momentarily became allies as they guard their positions against those attempting to cut the line.

Cutting a long story short, we finally got our tickets after 11 hours of camping out. We were sleepless and exhausted but it was definitely worth it.


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