Metro Comic Con – May 7, 2011

Dropped by Metro Comic Con this Saturday, for the sole purpose of getting my two other copies of Kikomachine Komix and my Zsazsa Zaturnnah signed by their respective artists.

As soon as I got in the event, I went around looking for Visual Print’s booth hoping to see Manix Abrera and Carlo Vergara doing signing. I guess it took me 2 rounds of the whole hall before I spotted Manix walking around and totally looking like a typical con-goer.

Also spotted Carlo Vergara at the Trese booth. It took me quite a while before I could ask him to sign my ZsaZsa Zaturnnah; he was engaged in a conversation with someone from the booth. Thanks to the guy who took this picture. I forgot to get his name.

I originally planned to leave as soon as I get my comic books signed but then again, I remembered the PHP 120 entrance fee which is a bit pricey compared to typical conventions so I decided to look around.

One of MCC’s highlight is the presence of V for Vendetta’s artist David Lloyd.

I haven’t seen the movie nor the book but I’m guessing that V for Vendetta fans are really thrilled.

Jonah Hex’s artist Tony DeZuniga was also there. And yes, he’s a Filipino who did a lot of artwork for DC Comics. I’ve seen him first at Summer Komikon 2011 and did a bit of research about him. Oh, and I bought a copy of his Naked Truth, a compilation of nude women sketches. In this picture, he’s actually thinking of what to write when I asked him to sign my copy.

A mini exhibit of Alfredo Alcala’s works

National Bookstore is offering a 20% discount for all of their graphic novels.

Trese’s booth. If I weren’t so broke, I would’ve bought a copy. I haven’t read it yet since Ate O’s copy is still with Jap’s.

There’s also a booth selling Pugad Baboy comics but Pol Medina Jr. wasn’t there.

There are also a lot of indie comics on display, though not as much as Komikon. I’m not really a fan of discovering indie comics; I prefer someone referring it to me instead. HAHAHA. I should get Alain’s opinion on these – he’s Anime_HQ’s resident comic geek. :P

Check out these awesome super hero figures.

Aside from comic books and related merchandises, there are also a lot of anime-related stuff on sale.

Overall, I enjoyed the MCC though not as much as I did with other events. Probably because I have already set my mind of simply getting my comics signed, nothing more. Also, I am not really amused with cosplayers loitering around, dressed up as characters that are totally unrelated with the event. The Joker and Harley Quinn cosplayers are fine but Vocaloid and maid cosplayers are not.

I’ll stop ranting now. Haha, I wonder how did the second day go. I heard there weren’t many people due to the heavy rains and Pacquiao’s fight.

BTW, you can check the other pics here. I uploaded all the other pictures at my Multiply account so I could avoid making this post image-heavier than it is already.


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