Rose pops and heart donuts.

I know it’s late but happy hearts’ day, guys! So what have you guys been up to last Monday?

I know being single definitely sucks during V-day. I can tell you that first hand after being single for 21 years and counting. But I guess my situation doesn’t suck as much as with those singles who spent the days prior to the 14th (and the 24 hours that follow) whining about why there should be a Valentine’s Day at all. Here’s a perfect illustration by TheOatmeal which perfectly describes what I’m saying.
So for me, I had a fairly special Valentine’s:
Gave my female colleagues a rose-shaped lollipop and got heart-shaped donuts from the company HR,

went to a post-birthday dinner date at Tokyo Tokyo with my former college roommate,
and went book shopping at Powerbooks.
I got her a copy of Ricky Lee’s Para kay B as a birthday gift and got myself Jessica Zafra’s Twisted 9 just because I’m craving for Philippine literature and this is the best I could find.
Still, hope you guys enjoyed your hearts’ day. Oh, and again thank you HR people for giving us heart-shaped donuts. I absolutely love the red one. It’s red and strawberry-filled. Yum!

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