2-NE-10. You say goodbye and I say hello

Yes, just like how The Beatles said it. Forgive me, I was listening to The Beatles when I was conceptualizing this blog entry.

So moving on, like the other past 20 years of my existence, 2010 was full of memories, learnings, and experiences uniquely attached to it. However, unlike the other years, 2010 had a lot of life-changing moments that forces you beyond the point of no return. Join me in recounting the major highlights of the past year that made my 2010 legen-wait for it-dary.

College Graduation 2010
After almost 15 years of being in the academe, I finally obtained my hard-earned college degree and is off to see the real world.

My years in UP Baguio are probably the best years of my life, better than crispy fries, chocolate-covered almonds, and bungee-jumping. It has taught me more about living my life than anything or anyone could’ve done and I will forever treasure the freezing classrooms, the damp Oble grounds, the cold IB Lobby floor, the cozy Guidance office, the chicken-loving and the overpriced canteens, the naked running fratmen, the loud chants and antics of student activists, and the blazing bonfire that kept us warm every December.
College life has taught me to be independent by staying at a dorm 250 kms away from home with weekly allowance I had to budget, resourceful by having to please professors and instructors with creative academic outputs and productions, outgoing by dealing with different kinds of people – from the terror profs to schizophrenic classmates and back-stabbing friends, and brave enough by never saying never to any situation encountered.
To everyone – Journmates, CAC ’06, Anime_HQ, UP Write, and Kikong Kikay – I’ve met in college that I had to say goodbye to, you’ll forever be in my heart.
Anime_HQ’s Cake Kissaten: Trip to Wonderland (02.14.10)
Kiko dormmates (4.23.10)

Interview with former Baguio mayor Peter Rey Bautista

BC 132 classmates

Photo op with our favorite Journ professor, Sir Rolly Fernandez

Unemployment Blues
Contrary to popular belief, life doesn’t stop upon graduation but rather, starts with it. And believe me, it wasn’t easy. I was unemployed from Graduation day until August and I nearly ran out of sanity. There were the frustration of not doing anything productive, the arrogance of dismissing call center job invitations, the shame of not getting a job despite being a UP graduate, and the constant pining for my college friends.
For three months, I was a total bum and I spent most of my time watching various anime and TV series, playing with Pepper, pestering people online, and sleeping.
My sanctuary during my bum days. Yes, it’s The Big Bang Theory playing
My quest for a job was a hard one. During the span of three months, I have sent my resume to various companies, attended quite a number of job fairs, and received a lot of odd application invites. I was once considered for the position of a web content writer for an online adult website, put on training for a door-to-door marketing scam, and was invited to be an English tutor for Japanese students. I also have to deal with a lot of rejections for some of my dream jobs – assistant editor for a big publishing company, researcher and writer for a big network, and a media officer for a big advertising company.
Consider it solved
After three months of unemployment fiasco, I bagged a job with a large American engineering firm which any social geek yuppies have dreamed of.
HR’s mugshot of me for the New Hire announcement. I’m a total mess. (8.9.10)
I love my job because, yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am now officially being paid to surf the Internet, update Facebook status, follow tweets, and watch YouTube videos.
Oh, and did I say that my team’s the most awesome team ever? Since we’re in marketing, everyone’s witty, creative, and talented. We’ve got writers and graphic designers in our team, and we’ve got an a motherly manager to take care of us. And my mentor rocks!
Emerson Climate Technologies’ Summit 2010 (11.18.10)
Team Building with Marcomm (9.17.10)
We bagged the first prize for the best decorated station (10.28.2010)
Team dinner with my mentor
Last day of the semester, last weekend as a college student. We were probably crazy at this time when we planned an impromptu La Union weekend to celebrate our survival of yet another semester.
Taken with Jyx’s lomo cam
UP Fair is annual week-long event held at UP Diliman where the biggest local bands come together for a night of rocking out. It has been dream since I was a freshman to attend the fair, and on my senior year, that dream came true.
And I even got to try wall climbing.
Checking out the walls while waiting for my turn
Aerial view from the ferris wheel
Anime_HQ’s acquaintance party
Anime_HQ is one of the major reason why my college life rocks. And believe me, I am so attached to this people that they keep me coming back to Baguio despite being a complete bum with no source of income. I have to use my transcripts and diploma as an excuse to catch the first Victory Liner bus to Baguio and attend the party.
It was a great feeling to be back in Baguio and meet old friends. It was even a greater feeling to torture and initiate these newbies into becoming full-pledged members.
Say hello to the new kids on the block. AHQ 2010 members
UAAP Cheerdance competition
Aside from the UP Fair, another event I’ve always wanted to see was the UAAP Cheerdance competition. UP may suck big time with UAAP’s basketball game but we definitely own the stage when it comes to cheerdance competition.
Since the cheerdance is one of the biggest event of UAAP, tickets are extremely hard to find and pricey. I am deeply indebted to Jhang for getting me not one but two GenAd tickets for this event.
UP Baguio’s Pasiklaban 2010
Blame my college life to my undying attachment to everything Baguio-related. Despite minor factors such as being an alumni already and filing for a leave without pay at the office, I have already planned going back to Baguio for the annual lantern parade and Pasiklaban.
I had Vince to tag along since he was even more ecstatic than me with the idea of going back to Baguio. He was with me during my September Baguio trip and it seems like he enjoyed himself and can’t wait for the next trip.
It was great to see everyone again. It was even greater to feel like a student again.
21st birthday
I have to admit. I’m getting older.
And we have this inside joke that I am indeed a guy rather than girl since I celebrated my 21st birthday with my friends and not the 18th one.
Credits to Vince for making this cake for me.
Christmas roadtrip getaway
Instead of boring Christmas at home and an excuse to avoid the inaanak, we opted to celebrate it on the road. Breakfast at Tagaytay, lunch at Silang, Cavite, and dinner at San Pablo, Laguna
And yay for zipline!
And I guess that wraps up my 2010. It has been an incredible year, with incredible people and incredible experiences. I’m hoping for more exciting things this 2011. See ya!


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