Pre- “The Year That Was” blog post

Grabe, it’s been months and I’ve got tons to tell and adventures to share. Since my last post, I’ve been to Baguio twice, went on a company outing at Nasugbu, Batangas, tried zip-line-ing at Tagaytay, and had an awesome Christmas roadtrip. Whew, I hope my December 31st would be enough to do all my last-minute whims – that holiday art and the annual “The Year That Was” blog post. Oh, and there’s still Keith’s house tambay and the girls’ day out with my best friends.

I should prolly start with the countdown today. So all I have to do tomorrow and on Friday is to actually make the blog post. :P

Oh, and the pic above was from the Christmas roadtrip. Kudos to my cousin’s second-hand Canon EOS 450D cam he bought from a friend. Gah, I’m jealous. : ))


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