3 mos. of bloggong hiatus

Been noticing the lack of updates? Yes, ladies and gentlemen. I’m sorry to tell that yours truly have been on hiatus with this little travel blog for the past three months.

The reason? simply UNEMPLOYMENT.

Ever since my college graduation, I’ve been scouting here and there for any job that could simply get me out of unemployment. Haha, from radio stations, broadcast networks, publishing houses to ad agencies, marketing companies, and even staff leasing offices, I’ve practically submitted my resume everywhere. I was desperate.

People said I should take my time off and enjoy my vacation. After all, I’ve been studying for 14 years already and I deserve a break. What they fail to realize is that unemployment equates being broke, and being broke prevents me from doing anything fun, much less do more travels.

Oh, and not to mention that I was kinda depressed about my loong vacation. I’ve been missing so the people I’ve left in Baguio so much that it hurts everytime I realize that we’re like 200kms away from each other.


I really really do.

It’s a good thing though that I’m already out of the unemployment pool so I can save up money to pay them a visit once in a while. I’m actually planning to use my first payslip for a Baguio weekend getaway.


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