The Long Overdue UP Fair post

Yes, my first ever UP Fair. Since it was my last semester in UP, I was hellbent on attending this year’s UP Fair and it was a good thing that my friends found the idea awesome.

First stop: Rodick’s at Shopping Center for an awesome meal of tapsilog with Kuya Yow, followed by a slice of Devil’s Food Cake from The Chocolate Kiss Cafe at UP Bahay ng Alumni. FOODTRIP!

Met Paeng at Chokiss and walked around for a bit, waiting for Jyx and Raffy. We spotted this mini stage where Noel Cabangon was about to perform and lingered for some time watching his mini concert.

We got to see Bayang Barrios perform by nightfall.

Once the gang’s complete. It’s time to enjoy the show.

Wall climbing. I was thrilled when I saw the wall climbing booth(?) since I’ve always wanted to try it ever since I was a kid. I was more thrilled when we found out that Kuya Yow’s sister was in charge of the wall climbing registration. Too bad though, we didn’t get free climbs nor privileges in the line, but we did get some tips and tricks
And yes, I did reach the top. Twice. I didn’t know that wall climbing can be really exhausting. I was sweating all over when I got down.

Ferris wheel. Turns out that Paeng hasn’t been on one and I had the time of my life scaring the wits out of him. Those creaky, squeaky carriages were made of win.

This is actually a staged picture but believe me, he was really scared at first and was endlessly cursing under his breath every time I swing our carriage.


We went around to see more of the other stalls. There were a lot of food stalls that offers delicious-looking grilled food but we didn’t get to try one. I swear I’m going back there next year with my wallet loaded with cash.
And here comes the highlight of the night. The biggest local musicians rocking the night out for us. We were lucky that we got a good spot just enough for us to see the performers well. Thank you Sugarfree and Rico Blanco for that awesome night.

P.S. I was not warned but apparently, there are a lot of jumping jologs who were among the crowd that night. Oh god, there were such an eyesore and not to mention annoying that I threw an empty water bottle at them.

So before I become rage guy over these kids, I’d say that I thoroughly enjoyed the event. It wasn’t as chaotic as I was expecting and the sights are very interesting. I am sooo going back next year.

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