Let’s spend tonight on top of the world: The Antipolo Getaway

It’s Saturday night, you’ve got your homies and you’ve got nothing to do. Too bad, you’re short on cash and under dressed to party, and all you have is a pretty loaded car, oh what to do, what to do?

Can’t believe we’re stuck in such a situation, especially with these guys who never seem to run out of gimik ideas. Lucky, my brother got his virtual jar of gimik ideas replenished and suggested an awesome idea: a roadtrip to Antipolo. After grabbing the car keys, some blankets and pillows, some snacks, and a large cooler, we found ourselves at Ate Kat’s backseat, hitting the road to Antipolo at 10 in the evening.

Ate Kat and Dek in the front seats

L-R: Meanne, Ate Tin, Dek, and Ate Kat

All hail to 24-hour convenience stores, the ultimate party resource for impulsive party goers. We dropped by at Mini Stop Village East to get some additional stuff, and of course, the booze. Haha, just 2 bottles of The Bar since Meanne has already brought an extra bottle from her commercial shoot earlier.

Antipolo is just a 15-20 minute drive from our house, that is if you’re driving at the wee hours of the night. Famous for its numerous resorts and a pilgrimage site every Holy Week, Antipolo also offers an awesome view of the metro nightlife. And that’s what we’re going for.

The night life of Metro Manila

We found a perfect spot with an awesome view in a parking place of a shady-looking motel. It might sound really scary, specially with just the five of us, but believe me, it’s safer than strolling around at Burnham Park. Unless, of course, you got too drunk and fell into the overlooking cliff.

We spread our mats, brought out the pillows and blankets, and enjoyed a hearty chitchat over our mini snacks and drinks.

Yes, Uno can’t be left behind.


Apparently, I underestimated the coldness of Antipolo at night that I deliberately left my jacket at home.
Thanks to Dek for lending me his jacket.

We could’ve stayed there until dawn but since Meanne and Ate Kat still have to get home, we packed up by 2 am.

Definitely had fun. I can’t wait to do it again. :)


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