>Boredom is dangerous, it nearly killed me.

>So, summer vacation’s here and I’m pretty sure everyone has their list of activities all planned out. I do admit that as early as January, I’ve been planning out what I’m going to do this summer and frankly speaking, it isn’t turning out the way I’ve planned.

Because of my academic requirements, my last semester as a college student ended the moment I’ve submitted my almost-mediocre thesis, printed and bound, to my adviser, aka 9 days after the “official” last day of term. It sucks, I know. All my closest friends have already gone home and I was left alone at Baguio, brooding and moping over my unfinished thesis while cursing it in between.
9 days later, I found myself in my room, staring at my laptop monitor and doing nothing except sort out my clothes and books. Okay, maybe the first 2 days have been productive as I did some major room makeover, but after that, I grew tired and boredom started to sink in. Despite the scorching heat, I really wished I could go outside, walk around, see stuff, meet people, but I can’t because I ain’t got any cash. Apparently, my hometown isn’t a city wherein everything is within walking distance. If I want to get to the nearest mall, I’d have to spend at least Php30 for the fare alone while going to the nearest 7-eleven store would cost me Php16 pesos.
So here I am, lying on my bed on a hellish afternoon and staring once again at my laptop monitor and existing to feed my Ocean Party fishes every hour. And even though I wish I could get a simple summer job that’ll force me out of the house, I wouldn’t be allowed since I have to make preparations for my graduation.
Urgh, I guess I have to make a review of my summer plans and mark all those feasible activities.

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