>doray goes online


So, umm hi to everyone who’s reading this. I’m Lei, a 20-year old, fresh grad from UP Baguio who suddenly had the idea to create a new (and hopefully improved) blog after years of hiatus from the blogosphere.

Ever since I had the privilege to explore the beauty of Baguio, I’ve been thinking of making a travel/food/culture blog about Baguio that apparently, didn’t work out. Acads, lack of stable internet connection, acads, no proper digicam, acads, no friends to drag around, and did i mention, acads?

Now that all is said and done, thesis submitted, all subjects passed, and I had all the time to make a blog, it turned out that I have to say goodbye to Baguio as well. It’s sad I know, sad enough to get me tempted on failing my subjects just to stay behind.

I may be leaving (or have left already) but the urge to make this blog didn’t subside so I’ve decided that instead of focusing on Baguio, I’ll just make a generic one. Bear with me though, for I’m predicting that most of my would-be early posts will be North-centric.
Oh, and another thing. Since I’m still a fresh grad with a current status of “unemployed,” I’m not a well-financed person so travel posts can be very limited. I’ll try to post updates frequently though.
Up for an adventure? Then come on!

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